Nutrition and Dry Eyes

May 16, 2014

Foods that we eat can have an impact on our overall eye health as well as to help preserve our vision. The first part of our series of nutrition and the eye will focus on foods that help reduce dry ...

Dr. Farrah’s Big Apple Vision Expo

May 2, 2014

I along with our Optician Sonja recently attended the 29th annual International Vision Expo East at the Javitz Conference Center in New York City.  This is the largest vision conference ...

Want to lenghten your lashes naturally?

April 15, 2014

Ladies, are you tired of mascaras that claim to lengthen eyelashes but unfortunately do not live up to your expectations? Or how about those semi-permanent eyelash extensions that need replacing ev ...

Find Your LOOK at Eyedeology

April 10, 2014

Looking for a new pair of glasses?  What’s your face shape? Select yours and and we'll help you find flattering eyeglasses for your face shape. Use the recommendations below to help narrow you ...

the glaring importance of sun wear

March 26, 2014

Whether its winter or summer in Calgary, it’s important to take a look at the way you’re protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.As you become more active outdoors, shedding th ...

Tired Sore Eyes at the end of the day?

March 11, 2014

Tired Sore Eyes at the end of the day? 

Most of us experience tired sore eyes at the end of the workday after spending many hours in front of a digital device.  Similarly, you may be no ...