Dry Eyes and Contact Lenses

June 1, 2016

ACUVUE® OASYS® Daily Contact Lenses with HydraLuxe

Do your eyes feel heavy or get that tired sore feeling from a long day of staring at digital devic ...

Seeing floaters?

May 1, 2016

Eye floaters are a reason to see our Optometrists for a medically necessary visit now covered by Alberta Health Care for all age groups. Floaters look like spots, specks, flecks and/or "cobwebs" th ...

Ocular Migraines

April 1, 2016

Have you ever experienced blurred vision or an enlarging blind spot in the center of their vision, flashes or flickering of light, wavy or zigzag lines out of the corner of the eye that blocks part ...

Published in Calgary Buzz: 5 Tips on How to Avoid Digital Eye Strain

March 9, 2016

Digital devices have taken on a pivotal role in our society and we grow more dependent on them with each passing day.

New to Eyedeology- Tory Burch Sunwear

January 1, 2016

Tory Burch sunglasses are well known for their stylish textures and unique elements of design. The sunglasses collection has the perfect pair of designer glasses to flatter many face shapes. The co ...

published in calgary’s child magazine: What You Need to Know: Red Eyes, Allergies and Dry Eyes

December 1, 2015

Throughout the year, children often have eye infections, allergies and dry eyes. Eye infections can affect one or both eyes and are most common in children. Some eye infections are highly contagiou ...

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