MyoVision™ lenses

MyoVision™ – the innovative spectacle lenses for myopia control

What is Myopia?

Myopia is another name for nearsightedness. When the eyeball grows too long, one can’t see distant objects clearly. If you need glasses to see the blackboard in a classroom or for driving, but not for reading, you are probably myopic. Eye care is very important and you should get an eye exam done if you experience blurred vision.

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Research conducted in Calgary and other parts of the world has shown that 60% of myopic children have at least one parent who is nearsighted. These young children progress to a stronger prescription than their parents as time goes by. Vision care is very important and parents should take their children for an eye exam regularly to monitor their prescription.

Nearsightedness is usually first diagnosed amongst school aged children and continues to progress until their mid-20s. Latest studies have changed the understanding of myopia: correcting both central and peripheral vision is indicating to be an effective way of slowing down eye growth. In Calgary, Vision Care Clinic EyedeologyTM provides these innovative spectacle lenses for myopia control.

Carl Zeiss Vision, MyoVision™ works with a simple, yet effective technique called Peripheral Vision Management technology – it corrects for sharp central vision while also moving the peripheral image in front of the retina. Research shows an indication that it has an effect of sending a signal to the eye to reduce progression of eye elongation. Results indicate a reduction of myopia progression by an average of 30% in East and Southeast Asian children between 6 and 12 with history of parental myopia

Benefits of Myopia Control

Myopia causes the eyeball to grow larger over time. The retina, a thin layer of tissue that coats the inside of the eye, does not grow in tandem with the eyeball and this causes it to stretch and thin. Children with myopia are at the risk of retinal detachment which can in turn lead to blindness. With myopia control and regular eye care, your child will have less risk of a retinal detachment.

Eye Care with Myopia Control

With myopia control, the final prescription your child will have as an adult will be smaller. While on myopia control, Dr. Farrah recommends that your child gets regular eye care at EyedeologyTM.

Another great benefit of myopia control for a perfect eye care is that your child will not need to wear thick and heavy glasses anymore. With myopia control, your child can wear thinner and lighter weight glasses and the lenses will not be as thick or heavy as they used to be.

Myopia control also means that your child will now be able to use their glasses for a longer period of time before they need a new prescription. 

Visit Eye Care Clinic EyedeologyTM in downtown Calgary and find out more about myopia control and ask Dr. Farrah if MyoVision lenses ARE right for your child’s eyes.

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