Published in Calgary Buzz: 5 Tips on How to Avoid Digital Eye Strain

digital eye strain

Digital devices have taken on a pivotal role in our society and we grow more dependent on them with each passing day. What we don’t realize is, the more time we spend on them in a day, the more likely we will experience digital eye strain. It has become a trend amongst women and most adults and The Alberta Association of Optometrists strives to raise awareness on the spread of this condition. Dr. Farrah Sunderji talks about how common the onset of digital eye strain is, especially amongst people who are sitting in front of screens all day in the office. This is also the case in children, now spending a great majority of their day on iPads or computers in their free time.

    5 tips on how to avoid digital eye strain:

  • Increasing text size on digital devices
  • Computer eyewear that blocks blue light
  • Taking 20-second breaks every 20 minutes
  • Extend your arms using the computer
  • Wearing occupational and progressive lenses

Dr. Farrah Sunderji, OD