The EyedeologyTM Experience

An eye Exam is one of the best ways to protect your vision for life

Dr. Farrah and Dr. Wong recommend that everyone have their eyes examined every one to two years regardless of age or physical health. Sight is the most precious of senses and early detection is key to prevention.


Alberta Health currently covers one complete eye exam per year for patients aged 18 and under, and aged 65 and over.

The EyedeologyTM Experience

Our comprehensive eye exams ensure that you receive the ultimate eye care experience. Our eye exams entail:

  • A thorough ocular and medical history
  • Assessment of how well the eyes work together as a team
  • The latest technology and equipment to increase detection of diseases and disorders
  • An eyeglass prescription utilizing a state-of-the-art digital phoropter for precision
  • A glaucoma test to measure your eye pressure
  • Evaluation of eye health for common eye diseases as well as an indication of your overall health
  • Digital Retinal Photography using the new Canon CR-2 Plus Camera with auto fluorescence
  • An Ocular Coherence Topography (OCT) screening of your Optic Nerve and Macula
  • A screening peripheral vision test
  • A personalized consultation with our eye doctors to discuss the results of all your tests, preventative measures and vision solutions based on your lifestyle needs
  • A free lens and frame consultation with our Opticians

Some Guidelines

Our Optometrists recommend yearly examinations for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions that can impact vision and eye health. Yearly examinations are also suggested for those over age 40 to monitor for age-related eye problems such as presbyopia, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Children & Adolescents

80% of learning is through vision. We begin eye examinations as early as 6 months of age, and annually there after. For More on Children’s Vision (click here).

As part of our integrated approach to health care, Drs. Farrah and Wong work closely with your family physician to ensure that your eye health information is collaborated. We have close relations with local Ophthalmologists and do on-site co-management and referrals where specialist care is needed.