Optikam Digital Measuring System – Five Times More Precise

Why Optikam Matters

Goodbye old-fashioned hand-help measuring tools. Eyedeology’sTM Optikam Digital Measurement System is state-of-the-art technology that helps us personalize your prescription lenses the way your frame fits you, with five times more precision than traditional methods to a tenth of a millimeter. Customized vision and comfort in your new eyewear designed for you—how does it get better than this?

Your lenses are curated based on:

  1. a. How your frame sits on your face
  2. b. Where your eyes line up in the frame: centering the prescription lenses on your pupils where light enters your eyes will help you see clearer.
  3. c. The distance between your eyes
  4. d. The distance from your eyes to the frame
  5. f. The pantascopic tilt

Additional measurements are taken for specialty lenses such as digital progressives, task specific lenses, and single vision digital lenses to give you the utmost customization for the distance, intermediate and reading zones.

Choosing Your Ideal Frames and Lenses Just Got Easier!

Finding it hard to make that final decision? We can take photos of your new looks so you can compare them side-by-side. We can email them to you or a friend if you want that instant second opinion from a loved one, friend or co-worker. We’ll have you styled in no time.

Your Virtual Reality Experience

Optikam’s lens and augmented reality modules allow you to see and experience the benefits of the different lens options virtually so you can decide which lens is best for you. We can show you:

  1. a. The thickness of your lenses
  2. b. Options for anti-reflective coatings
  3. c. The different lens types—digital single vision, bifocals, digital progressives, and personalized digital progressives
  4. d. UV options like transitions and polarization
  5. f. Tint options

We can stimulate real-life scenarios with your lenses to show you how they work indoor and outdoor through photos or a live view in video mode.

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