Signs of Love … The Eyes Tell All

When you see your bae or someone you are attracted to, your pupils will dilate up to three times their normal size depending on the light condition. The moment you make eye contact, there’s nothing you can do to control your pupils as it is an involuntary action by your autonomic nervous system (the same area that controls breathing and heart rate). When we see another person’s pupils dilate, we are far more likely to find them attractive (love at first sight!!). <3 Not only are we attracted to large pupils, they signal our attraction to others!

But not only are your pupils dilated, your blink rate reduces and your eyes widen as you gaze at each another. In fact, if your gaze extends beyond 7 seconds, it’s a sign of attraction! So the next time you wondering if that someone is attracted to you, use your eye detective skills. Simple equation:

LOVE = Dilated pupils + a reduced blink rate + gazing at one another past 7 seconds.

Happy Valentine’s day from our Team to you! Share the Love! <3

Dr. Farrah Sunderji, OD