Children’s Vision

After completion of her Optometry degree, Dr. Farrah completed a residency in Pediatrics and Vision Therapy at the Southern California College of Optometry. She is passionate about children’s vision and eyecare.

Book your child in for their first exam, an eye exam starting at 6 months of age!


  •  80% of learning is visual.
  •  One in four children starting kindergarten this year may be experiencing learning difficulties because they cannot see properly
  •  60% of children experiencing reading difficulties likely have uncorrected or undetected vision problems.  Of those 60%, the majority will pass a vision screening test (administered by a school nurse)..
  •  A vision screening done at your medical doctor or a school nurse is NOT the same as an eye exam
  •  We often make the assumption our children see well from birth
  •  Most children assume everyone sees the way they do making it difficult for a child to determine if they are experiencing a vision problem

This can be prevented through early examination with your Optometrist! Dr. Farrah begins eye examinations as early as 6 months of age, and annually thereafter.

Early Eye examination tests for near/distance vision in each eye, eye teaming, eye tracking, eye focusing, hand/eye coordination and eye health. An eye exam is fundamental to learning.

Common risk factors for vision problems include:

  •  premature birth
  •  developmental delays
  •  complications during pregnancy or delivery
  •  turned or crossed eyes
  •  family history of eye disease
  •  eye injury
  •  medical conditions

Please ensure to bring these up at the time of examination with the eye doctor.

We work with Optometrists who do Vision Therapy along with the Beacon Literacy Center for Reading. Blue segments you should be able to link to website and

If your child is struggling, schedule an eye exam today.