Theravision Acuvue Lenses – The first and only medication releasing contact lenses for allergies

We are excited to announce that we are one of the first clinics in Calgary to prescribe contact lenses that can help those suffering from eye allergies! Approximately one out of three contact lens wearers experience itchy eyes and 80% find that this affects their quality of comfort with contact lenses. Our optometrists find that […]

Sleep Importance for Myopia Control & Management

Why Healthy Sleep Pattern is Important? Healthy sleep patterns are very important for child development. Sleep plays a critical role in learning and memory, emotional regulation, and related brain structure development. Poor sleep or not enough sleep affects concentration, memory, and behavior. Children who don’t sleep well are more likely to feel sleepy at school […]

Miyosmart lenses help to slow down the progression of Myopia

Glasses have long been the cornerstone of myopia correction. However, instead of just correcting for blurry distance vision we can now prescribe glasses that can not only provide clear vision but also actively slow down the progression of nearsightedness. The Miyosmart lenses are a revolutionary spectacle lens designed by Hoya to help reduce the progression […]

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