meet dr. wong

Marilyn is privileged to be an associate of Dr. Farrah Sunderji after practicing optometry in downtown Calgary for many years.  She is excited to provide eyecare to her patients downtown where she can specialize in fitting multifocal contact lenses, prescribing computer and lifestyle eyeglasses, caring for dry eye, and remaining up to date on eye health technology.  

 Raised in Moose Jaw, Sask, Marilyn graduated with a B Sc in Biochemistry from U of S, then attended the University of Waterloo for the Doctor of Optometry program.  She worked with Drs. Joshua Josephson and Barbara Caffery in Toronto in their renowned contact lens practice, assisting with their contact lens studies and publications.  After moving to Calgary she became the owner of two offices downtown and continued to work part time after having her three sons.

 Marilyn has 3 teenage sons now, and from their upbringing, she values public education, languages, sport, and being involved in community work.  “ My sons have all gone through late French Immersion and I have served for ten years being on their school councils, and community associations.  It was a tremendous amount of work but the rewards are greater than the time and work, seeing the work that teachers, school administrators do, they are heroes to me.”

 The role of fitness and sport in children and adults’ lives and their health cannot be underestimated, each of Marilyn’s sons have played hockey, high school football, rugby, basketball, golf and skiing.

“Sports teach us with self-discipline, hard work, team work, and give us health and a strong sense of self esteem.”    

Marilyn began ten years ago as a beginner figure skater and though she wanted to quit hundreds of times she didn’t and is now having too much fun and learning more quickly. Her coaches provide her understanding of the physics behind what she does, so she learns the three disciplines of skills, free skate and ice dance.  She may become the oldest skater learning a double axel !

She also runs, (very slowly), does weight training, and is starting spin and TRX classes.  

Professionally Marilyn has been proud to serve optometry on committees to allow optometrists to prescribe topical eye medications and co-manage glaucoma, chairing the Calgary Society of Optometrists, volunteering at CUPS (Calgary Urban Project Society, and being on the Calgary Health Advisory Council, a nonvoting council to the Calgary Health Region Board.  She earned her FAAO (Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry), an international organization dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in clinical practice. 

Optometrists in Alberta have just been granted the privilege of increased scope of practice, including prescribing oral medications, and ordering lab tests, and ultrasound.  This exciting and increase in clinical responsibility will add tremendously to our daily practice.  Working alongside Dr. Sunderji and associates, we will use our clinical abilities to their very best to give our patients this care. 

“I believe in providing the utmost patient care, I listen, and I care.  This means whatever it takes to give my patients the best vision they can have,  keeping up to date with clinical research on eye disease, contact lenses, health, eyeglass technology, and attending conferences. We can never stop learning.  I promise to do my best for all my patients, every one I have the honour to meet and help.”