Contact lenses

Are Contact Lenses a Good Choice for Kids?

Physically, your child’s eyes can tolerate contact lenses at a very young age. Some babies are fitted with contact lenses due to eye conditions present at birth. And in a recent study that involved fitting nearsighted children of ages 8-11 with one-day disposable contact lenses, 90% had no trouble applying or removing the contacts without assistance from their parents.

Your decision should be based on a few considerations:

  • The maturity level of your child will determine if the will be able to insert, remove and take care of their contact lenses. If they are able to handle responsibilities such as personal hygiene and daily chores they will be good candidates for taking care of their contact lenses. 
  • Soft contact lenses are a great option for those that are active in sports. Contacts offer several advantages over glasses for these activities. Contacts don’t fog up, get streaked with perspiration or get knocked off like glasses can and they also provide better peripheral vision than glasses.
  • Contact lenses can help with a child’s self esteem and improve self confidence. We often see an improvement in school performance especially if a child does not like wearing their glasses to school.
  • Is your child motivated to wear contact lenses? If so they will have a higher chance of success with the fitting.

It is important to note that if your child is going to wear contact lenses, they still need an up-to-date pair of eyeglasses. When you and your child agree it’s time for contacts, book in for an eye exam and we can review if contacts are right for your child and the fitting process. We welcome the opportunity to help kids of all ages enjoy wearing contact lenses.