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Dr. Farrah Sunderji is the past president of the Calgary Society of Optometrists (CSO). She is an active member of the Alberta Association of Optometrists and the Canadian Association of Optometrists. She is passionate about eyes and is committed to helping you protect your vision for life.

Dr. Farrah graduated with Honors from the New England College of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts. She is part of the Beta Kappa Sigma: International Optometric Honors Society. She completed a residency in Pediatrics and Vision Therapy at the Southern California College of Optometry and received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta. During her residency, Dr. Farrah has provided eye examinations to patients of all ages including the blind and visually impairedat the Blind Children’s Learning Center. She has helped patients with strabismus, double vision, amblyopia, head trauma rehabilitation, and special populations. She has had additional training in pediatric contact lenses and pediatric low vision. Dr. Farrah completed her externship at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Florida,which has been ranked as the #1 eyecare hospital in the USA. There she trained with both Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in the areas of retina, cornea, glaucoma, neuro, pediatrics, and primary care.

Dr. Farrah’s vision of eye health and eye care led to the creation of EyedeologyTM in Centennial Clinic – a multidisciplinary health center providing an integrated approach to health care in the heart of downtown Calgary.She believes the eyes provide insight into a person’s overall health and that yearly exams are critical to keeping both the eyes and the body in good health. As part of her passion for eyes, she enjoys blogging about the latest in eyecare and eyewear, so be sure to check out our blog that also feature her published articles in Calgary’s Child magazine.

Dr. Farrah, a native Calgarian, understands the dilemma of dry eyes. She started the Calgary Dry Eye Clinic at EyedeologyTM after experiencing dry eyes herself and finding treatment options that helped her with this condition. Based on her successful dry eye treatment, she gives lectures on Dry Eyes to her fellow colleagues across the country. Dr. Farrah has found that patients that followed her dry eye treatment were able to wear their contact lenses with greater comfort and clearer vision.Dr. Farrah enjoys fitting contact lenses and has had great success fitting multifocal contact lenses for those looking for another option to wearing progressives or bifocals.She also fits specialty contact lenses for Keratoconus, corneas damaged from eye diseases and trauma, and dry eyes.

Dr. Farrah is multilingual and fluent in French, Spanish, Katchi, Urdu, Hindi, and Gujrati.She is a mom to two beautiful children and enjoys spending time with family.

Dr. Farrah frequently appears on Calgary’s Global Morning Show and City Breakfast TV discussing eye health topics.

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