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Have you been experiencing blurred vision or an enlarging blind spot in the center of your vision, flashes or flickering of light, wavy or zigzag lines out of the corner of the eye that blocks part of their vision? You may be experiencing a Visual Aura or Ocular Migraine. These symptoms often present when working in front of a computer screen and prevent you from continuing your work. They can last up to 30 minutes affecting your central vision and then moving outwards to your peripheral vision. Ocular migraines are painless, usually visual in nature and can affect one or both eyes. If the ocular migraine is followed by a throbbing headache, this is called a Migraine with Aura and can be accompanied by light sensitivity, noise sensitivity and/or nausea.

Treatment Options

Eyedeology offers a custom lens to help provide relief from Migraines. These special lenses are tinted to block the light in the blue spectrum which can trigger a Migraine. The specific tint, FL41, has also been identified as an effective therapy for individuals with Photophobia, or an abnormal sensitivity to light. Many people with Photophobia also report an involuntary twitching of the eyelids and this condition can vary from mild to severe where incessant lid closure may cause discomfort and impair vision.

The effectiveness of the FL41 tinted lenses may vary from patient to patient, but for those suffering from Migraines, Photophobia and Blepharospasm, these lenses can help provide relief or decrease the severity of symptoms. Make an appointment for a complete eye exam and talk to our Opticians for a sample pair.


Our Optometrist near you, can help review your signs and symptoms and advise of treatment options such as Botox, nutrition, vitamins and lenses to help with relief.


As Optometrists, we can monitor patients and recommend preventative measures, follow-up with patients with Ocular Migraines, and co-manage care with Ophthalmologists and family Physicians when required. Alberta Health Care covers these visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Ocular Migraines be cured?

Currently, there are no cures for Ocular migraines. Some medications, lifestyle changes, and other therapies help prevent or reduce your symptoms. Speak to our Optometrist to know more

How do I get rid of blurred, flickering or zigzag vision?

The visual aura lasts up to 60 minutes and most people do not need treatment. Our Calgary Optometrists recommend stopping what you are doing and resting your eyes until your vision returns to normal. If you are concerned, you are able to call our clinic at 587-353-5061 and be seen by our Optometrists.

What are the triggers for Migraines?

Common triggers for ocular migraines or auras in Calgary include: stress, hormonal changes, bright/flashing lights, increased screen time without breaks, red wine, changes in weather, lack of sleep, and skipping meals or not eating enough. Book an appointment with us if you are facing any such issues

Does Eyedeology offer Migraine Assessment and Management Services?

If you are experiencing an ocular migraine, our Calgary Optometrists are able to see you in the office. Treatment options for those suffering from migraines include the FL41 tint that can be added to the lenses in your glasses. FL41 tint helps with light sensitivity, reduces migraine incidents, and protects your eyes from fluorescent lighting by filtering the blue wavelength of light.

Is Visual Aura or Ocular Migraine covered under my insurance?

Yes, visual auras and ocular migraine visits are covered under Alberta Health Care for all age groups when you see our Calgary Optometrists.

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