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Medically-necessary visits are now covered by Alberta Health Care for all age groups for the following conditions:

  • Diabetes, Glaucoma and Retinal Disease,
  • post-operative care for Cataract patients,
  • eye infections, red eyes, Dry Eyes, allergies, or injuries,
  • foreign objects in the eye,
  • sudden changes in vision,
  • flashes of lights, floaters,
  • headaches.

Next Steps

Fees may apply for additional tests not covered by Alberta Health care; we will advise you accordingly. These visits do not cover an eyeglass prescription.

If you have any questions regarding medically necessary visits and what is covered, please contact us:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes an eye emergency?

An Eye emergency refers to any sudden onset of eye symptoms that need medical attention. An eye emergency can include: sudden loss of vision, eye injuries such as a foreign body, chemical burns, trauma to the eye, flashes of light, eye floaters, curtains in your vision, double vision, sudden changes to your vision or decreased vision, bleeding from the eye, eye infections such as pink eye or discharge from the eye, red-eye, dislodged contact lens, different size pupils, bulging eyes, new or severe headaches, and severe itching and allergies.

How can a Optometrist help me during an eye emergency?

An in-person visit is required to access the condition of the eyes. Alberta Health covers eye emergencies in Calgary for all age groups when you see our Optometrists at Eyedeology. Simply call at 587.353.5061 and we will do our best to accommodate you based on your symptoms. You will need your Alberta Health Care Card for this visit.

If you do not have an Alberta Health Care, there will be a fee for this visit.

Does my insurance cover eye emergency?

As all vision and health insurance plans are different, it is best you call your provider to determine what is covered when you see our emergency eye doctor in Calgary. If there are any fees associated with the appointment other than what is covered by Alberta Health Care, we will be happy to provide you with a copy of the receipt for you to submit to your provider directly.

Do you need a referral to see an Optometrist in Calgary for eye emergencies?

Optometrists are your family eye doctor. No referral is required to see one of our Optometrists at our emergency eye clinic in Calgary.

What products are available post emergency eye care?

Depending on the type of emergency, our Optometrists will determine the ideal course of action including at-home treatments including medications, lid care, eye drops, vitamins, etc. If your emergency requires further care, a referral will be made accordingly to a local Calgary Ophthalmologist.

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