September 15, 2014

Air Optix Colors

Do you want a new look or have you wished your eyes were of a different shade or color? Well now you can combine the newest technology with comfort at the same time. Colored contact lenses have been available for a while now, however patients have experienced some discomfort and redness with the use of previous colored contact lenses.

At EyedeologyTM, we are now introducing a new colored C/L with the new technology, which makes the eyes more comfortable, breathable and less red as compared to the old colored contact lenses. The new “Air Optix colors” contact lenses have a new 3-1 color technology which makes this colored C/L more comfortable for the patient to wear all day long. These new C/L’s are made of silicone hydrogel material. This is the material we recommend the most at the clinic. Silicone hydrogel contact lenses increase oxygen permeability (increases comfort, longer wear and better eye health), wettability (better comfort) and clinical performance of contact lenses. Air Optix colors have the highest oxygen transmissibility of any available colored C/L ( up to 6x more oxygen reaches the eye). It also has a smooth plasma surface technology. This makes the contact lens more comfortable on the eye and therefore resists lipids and deposits on the front surface of the C/L. Comfort is very important especially when wearing C/L’s all day.

The colored matrix of the contact lenses consist of :
1. outer ring- which emphasizes the iris (colored portion of the eye)
2. Primary color- transforms the eye color
3. inner ring- brightens and adds depth to the eye

AOC Detail Aid_EN-5

These new Air Optix color breatheable C/L’s come in 9 different colored options. You can choose a more subtle change which includes pure hazel, blue, green, gray, brown or go for a more dramatic vibrant color which includes honey, brilliant blue, gemstone green, sterling green. The 3-1 color technology blends beautifully for a natural effect. These monthly replacement C/L’s have continuous oxygen flow which contributes to a healthy natural feeling.Come into EyedeologyTM today and find a new look that suits you!


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