August 1, 2019

Ortho-Keratology for Myopia Management

Did you know that there is a particular type of contact lens called Ortho-K lenses that are approved for overnight wear and gently re-shape the front surface of the eye so that during the day you may not need to wear any correction? Ortho-K lenses have been shown to be an effective method of slowing down the progression of myopia while also having the benefit of providing freedom from glasses and contacts during the day. This is especially beneficial for those who enjoy an active lifestyle or play high-level sports. Many athletes or those who are not ready for or are not candidates for laser eye surgery can benefit greatly from this type of contact lens therapy. Ortho-K lenses have a good safety profile and is reversible. So if you are looking for freedom from glasses or interested in myopia control call in to book a consultation!

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